Lead Management

Lead Fox helps to manage your Leads very effectively in an organized manner.

Sales Pipeline

It helps in the Sales conversion of Leads after pipelining them, based on their priority.

Sales Activity Tracking

Lead Fox aids in tracking the Sales follow-up of your Sales team.

Click to Call

You can easily connect to your customers via the CRM software and conduct a follow-up.

Quick Call

Just after the submission of Leads, Lead Fox provides a quick response by instantly starting an automated call with the customers.


Lead Fox provides you with your complete reports in an effective and simplified manner.

Follow Up Schedule

Lead Fox helps the agents to manage the follow-up process, without missing any of the customers, in a very effective manner.


With the help of Lead Fox, it is easy to find out which are the leads that were obtained from a particular campaign, and also which campaign performed the best.

Data Pools

With Lead Fox, you can upload data in bulk. Later on, it help to covert the Leads.

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